Markus Kleveland Is A Snowboarder Who Can Literally Defy The Laws Of Gravity

Markus Kleveland

1080 Snowboarding in real life.

I remember back in the day playing 1080 Snowboarding on my N64 and thinking that there was no way that anyone could actually do half of the tricks in real life because I thought they were literally impossible to do on a snowboard.

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Well, it might have taken a while but a young Norwegian guy named Markus Kleveland has emerged with a highlight reel from his 2015/16 season on the slopes and it’s absolutely insane. He pulls off quad corks and multicork spins off knuckles, as well as having completely gnarly flatground abilities and butter skills.

OK, you got me I got no idea what any of those terms mean I just stole them off a snowboarding website but just check out this reel and tell me it’s not absolutely incredible:

Yeah, I don’t need to know the names of all of those tricks or really anything about snowboarding to know that some seriously impressive stuff is going down right there. Marcus Kleveland – remember the name because he’s going to be blowing up in snowboarding over the next few years.

For another video of some equally insane snowboarding, click here.


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