Mark Zuckerbrg’s Sister Has Posted A Weird Cringeworthy Song About Cryptocurrency

What the fuck is this?

I didn’t even know that Mark Zuckerberg had a sister until now, but she’s chosen to announce herself to the general public in one of the weirdest ways possible by making a video of herself singing about cryptocurrency.

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Randi decided to post the video on Twitter – not Facebook hey, maybe some kind of family rift? – and it features her dancing around Central Park singing about women in the cryptocurrency world to the tune of ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ by Twisted Sister. If that sounds bad and incredibly cringeworthy then just wait until you actually watch it yourself. It’s two minutes and twenty one seconds long, but if you manage to make it past thirty seconds then you’re a better person than I am:

Wow. What in the name of living fuck is that? I just can’t fathom why she would even make that? I think her intention was to explain cryptocurrency to women in a ‘fun way’ and encourage them to get involved, but there’s nothing really ‘fun’ about that video and it doesn’t really explain anything about it whatsoever either. It also looks like it must have taken a lot of time to make and probably cost a lot of money too and I just have to question why someone would choose to expend that effort on something that sucks so completely badly.

I guess it has two and a half million views but did any of those people watching it actually enjoy it and not just think that Mark Zuckerberg’s sister is a total weirdo freak? At least we know that she exists now I suppose.

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