The Internet Completely Roasted Mark Zuckerberg For Going Surfing With A Full Face Of Sunscreen

What did he expect?

It’s fair to say that the internet can be especially cruel to celebrities when they do something vaguely questionable or silly, so it was never going to go easy on Mark Zuckerberg after he was pictured looking very strange with a full face of sunscreen whilst he was surfing in Hawaii over the weekend.

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The picture is unquestionably stupid – especially with his stance and the way he’s staring at the camera looking pretty spooked. It’s almost like he wanted everyone to laugh at him looking like a ghost or a mime or whatever.

Anyway, here are a few of the funniest memes about it that are currently doing the rounds on the internet:

Some of those are so stupid. Doubt Zuckerberg really cares too much considering he’s a billionaire and controls democracy and whatever, but you’ve really gotta wonder just why he put so much sun tan lotion on, especially when most of it is probably going to wash off as soon as he gets wet and goes underwater? Really weird decision.

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