The bizarre reasons why Pradeep Manukonda started stalking Mark Zuckerberg are revealed!

We ran the story about Mark Zuckerberg’s stalker Pradeep Manukonda yesterday, well TMZ.com only managed to get an interview with the guy!!! You thought he would be laying low or something!

Pradeep Manukonda, who revealed that he was dealing with a major personal problem which had led him to seek out Mark Zuckerberg, had this to say: “I’m a peaceful guy … I’m sorry he thought I was trying to harm him.”

Apparently, Manukonda thought that Zuckerberg would “be able to give him advice,” but admitted defeat in his pursuit after the restraining order was filed stating: “I understand he’s a busy man … I’ll respect his privacy.”

Pradeep refused to give any indication of what the major personal problem was, but insisted that it had nothing to do with computers. So why the hell was he hitting Mark Zuckerberg up in the first place?!? I’m sure everyone on the planet would like the advice of the youngest billionaire on the planet over some secret event but what the hell made Pradeep Manukonda think he was so special he would actually be able to get it?

I don’t know – It would seem that Pradeep Manukonda isn’t actually based in reality along with the rest of us. But at least now he knows that all of the internet is probably laughing at him for being such a weirdo. He still hasn’t accepted my friend request either.


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