Fresh from being hacked, the CEO of Facebook experiences another problem he helped create

Fresh from getting his profile hacked, the latest Mark Zuckerberg news is that he is suffering from another problem that so many of us have had to experience because of him – a Facebook stalker.

Zuckerberg was granted a restraining order after 31 year old Indian Pradeep Manukonda harassed him and sent him, his girlfriend and his sister creepy messages on Facebook asking for money for his poor family. Here’s a copy of one message in which he is completely weird and creepy, never really expounding his problem but urging Zuckerberg to ‘to the need ful thing’ whilst stating that he ‘owes entire life at your service.’ Right.

The stalking began when Manukonda visited Facebook offices in Palo Alto demanding to speak with Zuckerberg, and continued when he arrived at Mark’s home, where he was fortunately intercepted by police before attempting to enter. Manukonda also sent flowers and notes to Zuckerberg’s house.

The terms of the restraining order state that he has to stay 300 yards from Mark until a court hearing later this month.

Maybe this incident means Zuckerberg will actually update the security settings on his stupid website to an acceptable standard? Or at least not make you go through about a zillion hard to find scrolling menus to alter anything? Probably not. To end this article here’s a picture of Pradeep Manukonda I found after lurking around Facebook for a bit:


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