Mark Zuckerberg Had No Idea How Big Facebook Was Going To Be In 2004

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

He was just stoked to have 100,000 users at this point.

This is a really cute video because it just shows how things can change if and develop if you put your mind to it. It should be an inspiration to everyone.

Back in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed on CNBC about his new social network which was known as The Facebook (we all know Justin Timberlake told him to get rid of the ‘the’ because it was cleaner, right?) and currently had 100,000 users. It was also focussed solely on college students.

In the interview, Zuckerberg explains that they’re looking to get 100 – 200 universities signed up by the fall, and that they’re introducing a few new side applications that should encourage more users to sign up. Of course, if you fast forward to 2015 Facebook is probably the biggest thing in the world with well over a billion monthly users and there’s even a new religion that worships Mark Zuckerberg.

Hell, you’re probably reading this article because you clicked on a link on Facebook right? All it takes is some ambition.

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