Mark Webb’s New BMX Edit Is Absolute Fire

Mark Webb

Proving once again why he’s the best BMX rider in the world today.

BMXing has long been regarded as the poor man’s skateboarding, but in recent years it’s finally been getting the respect that it deserves and that’s in part down to the man featured in this video Mark Webb.

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Regarded by many as the greatest BMX rider on the planet, Webb returns with episode 3 of The Webbie Show:

After all of my crashes and injuries in the past, the long awaited TWS3 is finally here.

This video I wanted it to be purely about the riding.

No expensive budgets, no fancy camera set ups with amazing locations. I wanted it to be 100% about the riding and that anything is possible at your local skatepark.

Yep, no shit huh? After that first completely insane flip/jump whatever I knew this was going to be an absolutely killer video and it didn’t disappoint. What an absolute sickhead.

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