Danny MacAskill Returns To His Hometown Of Airedale For Another Insane Run

Danny MacAskill Airedale


Danny MacAskill is one of the all time greats when it comes to bikes and tricks and he shows no signs of stopping as he’s just released a new video where he absolutely smashes it yet again.

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In this one, MacAskill returns to his home town of Aviemore in the Highlands of Scotland to rip up some of the local landmarks. He manages to nail a bunch of rocks, rails, roofs, tables, huts and even a gold postbox with his usual array of grinds, spins and bunny hops in the fantastic edit you can see below:

What about grinding that rail eh? That was pretty outrageous. Or bunny hopping up to that roof at the end. Guy is insanely talented on a bike doing tricks like that, end of.

If you still need convincing though, check out his legendary Imaginate video.


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