Mark Wahlberg Tweets Support For Black Lives Matter; Gets Cancelled Because Of Racist Past

His past bit him in the ass.

A lot of celebrities have been tweeting their support for the Black Lives Matter movement over the past couple of weeks, but obviously those that problematic pasts and have done this are also being called out about it too.

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The most prominent of these is Mark Wahlberg, who decided to show his support and was almost instantly reminded that he has a whole section on his Wikipedia page detailing his hate crimes. That’s not a good look – here’s how it went down:

Ouch. The thing is that surprisingly a bunch of people were actually quick to defend Wahlberg for his actions in the past. The actor has spoken about them numerous times in interviews and acknowledged that he was a dickhead and tried to better himself and hope that people give him a second chance.

Here’s a few of the better defences:

I mean yeah, you kinda do have to respect that. Obviously it wasn’t that cool of Mark Wahlberg to be perpetrating hate crimes, but that’s something that will always be on his record. I don’t think it’s that useful to call him out and attempt to cancel him 30 years later when he’s actually attempting to raise awareness and attempt to help find a solution for the current racism problem, although I do think it’s important that people are made aware of his past and the steps that he’s taken to move away from this kind of behaviour.

Not really sure if the people @ing him were doing that though and were probably just jumping on the bandwagon. Either way, I guess it’s getting people talking and that’s the main objective here.

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