Mark Lester Being Questioned About Being Michael Jackson’s Sperm Donor Is Painfully Awkward

Michael Jackson Mark Lester

Even though he died almost ten years ago, Michael Jackson is never far from the public eye and he’s set to be thrust back into it again with the release of a new Channel 4 documentary focussing on two men who claim they were sexually abused when they were children by the late pop singer.

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In order to promote this documentary, actor Mark Lester – who starred in Oliver! as a child – was appearing on This Morning today where he received a complete grilling from the presenters, asking him if he had donated sperm to Michael Jackson and thought that he was actually Paris Jackson’s biological father. The whole thing was pretty awkward and wince inducing and made you kinda feel sorry for Mark who was being prodded and probed about his dead friend and clearly wasn’t comfortable with the line of questioning:

Ugh was that really necessary. Guy was clearly uncomfortable talking about his dead friend and the fact that he might be a father to this girl and tried to shut it down but those two just wouldn’t stop with it would they? Hate it when stuff like that happens but I suppose it’s why we watch TV sometimes isn’t it? So it goes.

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