Mark Hunt Revealed His Toughest Opponent Yet; His Wife

Mark Hunt Phone

‘She’s the boss.’

Mark Hunt might be training hard for his fight against Brock Lesnar next Saturday at UFC 200, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have time to respect his toughest opponent: his wife.

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You can see how under the thumb Hunt is from this live interview he was conducting with Inside MMA. They haven’t even asked him the first question when he’s getting a call from his wife and has to answer it because he’s too scared of the consequences if he doesn’t:

OK sure, Hunt does kinda mug her off without speaking to her, but the fact is he’s still too much of a pussy to just miss the call because he knows he’ll be getting a bollocking if he doesn’t. Just goes to show that even the toughest men in the world have the same problem that most of us do.

To be honest that’s kinda reassuring. It’s cool that Mark Hunt knows how to handle them too, just like he knows how to take care of business in the ring, as his recent knockout of Frank Mir shows.


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