Mario Balotelli Plays Italian National Anthem On Piano For Andrea Pirlo

Balotelli Pirlo Piano

I didn’t really think Pirlo and Balotelli would be the best of friends but apparently they like to hang out in some weird gallery and listen to each other play piano.

Well this is quite frankly bizarre. I mean there’s just so much about it that doesn’t make sense. Why are Mario Balotelli and Andrea Pirlo hanging out? How the hell does Mario Balotelli know how to play the piano? What is happening to Andrea Pirlo during the video (if you look at the end it looks like he’s just woken up after being completely zoned out during the national anthem)? Where the hell is this? What is going on? Why are two professional footballers hanging out listening to each other play piano?

Watch the truly WTF video below:

UPDATE – Apparently this is actually an advert and not real. Bummer, it would have been so cool if Mario Balotelli could kill it on the piano as well as on the pitch.

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