Schools Are Using “Marijuana Goggles” To Show Kids What It’s Like To Drive While Stoned

Smoking weed makes you go colour-blind, apparently.

Schools in Hancock County, Indiana over in the States have teamed up with a group named Neighbors Against Substance Abuse to fit teens with “marijuana goggles” in order to demonstrate what’s it like to drive while high.

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The idea is obviously that the kids will make bad decisions while simulating driving with the goggles on, and be put off marijuana for life (or at least while driving).

For some weird reason, the goggles eliminate the colour red from a person’s visual perspective, because I guess these people think smoking weed makes you go colour-blind?

Fatal Vision — the company that makes these whack goggles — charges schools and groups $2,2000+ to basically misinform kids and other people who have no idea what it’s actually like to be stoned.

Pretty ridiculous. How convenient to remove the colour red so that you can’t even read a traffic light. Fair enough that one girl acknowledges that it isn’t exactly the same effect as being stoned, but she does say it’s similar – which it isn’t. There’s just no excuse to eliminate the colour red whatsoever.

How about making it so that wearing the glasses makes everything taste more delicious? Or makes you realise that wars and fighting is a waste of time? Or makes you want to sink into a sofa and watch 4 straight hours of TV? Now those would be realistic.

That being said, there are people who definitely shouldn’t get behind the wheel when stoned, like this young lady.


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