Maria Rubinke’s Disturbing Porcelain Horror Art

Well I’ve never seen objets d’art quite like this before.

Porcelain is the kind of medium that normally seems to encourage chintz and kitsch. But Danish artist Maria Rubinke sees things a little differently. Rubinke’s art is less Little Miss Muffet, more Dawn of the Dead.

I’ve not seen gore carried out in such a traditional manner before and I must say I like it. I went through a phase of being pretty obsessed with looking at huge statues a while back, maybe I should start searching out sinister objets d’art?.. nah.

Rubinke’s works are a lot classier than those heavy metal gore album covers, but the vibe’s pretty much the same.

Have a look at these little rippers over the next few slides:

Maria Rubinke - Large - blood tears

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