Meet Marcey Hawk AKA The Boobie Painter

Boobs just got even awesome-r – they can now create art. Check it out.

In 1917 Marcel Duchamp used a signed overturned urinal to create art and in 1998 Tracey Emin famously used her bed. Children all around the world use their fingers to create art. At the end of 2013 we ushered in yet another method – boobs.

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The woman currently at the forefront of this technique is Californian artist Marcey Hawk, who’s been using her boobies as paintbrushes since 2006. She uses a variety of techniques such as “whole breast print, nipple print, ‘just the tip’ method and the ‘squish and swirl'”. There’s obviously a market for this sort of thing as she’s gone on to sell her paintings all around the world.

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Through the use of her 30D assets she has created abstract paintings that have sold for up to $500. Part of the proceeds earned from the sales are donated to the Susan G Komen Foundation for their fight against breast cancer. She also counts Russell Brand and Hugh Hefner as fans, with both having purchased her work. She also creates special commissions so if you’re interested you should hit her up.

Watch Marcey talk about her paintings below:


Check out some of her work below and the rest here.


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