The Girl Who Threw A Chair Onto A Busy Motorway Is Loving The Attention Since Being Arrested (VIDEO)

This girl is an absolute monster.

The 19-year-old girl in Toronto who threw a chair off a balcony and onto a busy motorway has just had her first day in court.

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In case you missed it, here’s what Marcella Zoia did to wind up charged with mischief endangering life, damage to property and common nuisance:

Fortunately no one was hurt but obviously her stupidity could have caused untold disaster if that landed on someone’s windshield or caused someone to swerve dangerously. She didn’t even have the guts to stick around and watch how the chair landed, just ran back into her Airbnb apartment like a coward.

Worse still it doesn’t seem like she’s learnt lesson as she appears to be pretty happy with all the media attention she’s getting. Look how chuffed she looked when she came out of court earlier (especially from around 2:20):

What a bellend. Oh wait turns out she’s an Instagram ‘influencer’ – that explains things:

Marcella is out on $2,000 bail and has been ordered to live with her mum. She’s also not allowed any contact with the 4 people she was with at the time of throwing the chair, who she claims peer pressured her into it.

Her lawyer says:

She is embarrassed by what happened. She wished it never happened. Of course, she would never wish anyone would be hurt.

Because that would mean she’d be in even more trouble, obviously. Let’s hope this girl sorts her brain out and doesn’t get involved with any more balcony-based shenanigans. They can be dangerous places, as we’ve seen.


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