Marathon Runner Suffers Insane NSFW Wardrobe Malfunction And Flashes Meaty Dong All Over The Shop

Jozef Urban

If you’re running a marathon then there’s absolutely no chance that you’re stopping or slowing down for any reason whatsoever and that means if you suffer a wardrobe malfunction then there’s no time to correct that either.

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This was the problem that befell Jozef Urban in the recent Košice Peace Marathon in Slovakia. He was cruising for a sweet time and a tenth place finish when somehow his dick and balls managed to pop out of his shorts, so he was forced to run the last few meters of the race full exposed to everyone.

Thankfully, the race was also covered on live television, so now the whole world can see his junk flopping around. Fantastic:

Wow. I hope Jozef enjoys that because it’s probably the most amount of attention he’s ever going to get, ever. Nobody is going to care about his marathon achievements but damn, the fact his dick fell out is probably going to be talked about for years to come. One for the history books sure.

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