Shocking Map Shows Where Barack Obama Dropped His 26,000 Bombs


Not quite the angel he’s made out to be.

As the world gears up for (potentially) 4 years of Donald Trump, during which he’s promised to “bomb the shit out of ISIS,” it’s worth reflecting on how many people Barack Obama bombed the shit out of.

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The US dropped over 3,000 more bombs in 2016 than 2015, taking the grand total of strikes for the year to 26,171.

This map via Statista shows you where they are:


It’s ironic that a President who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was at war longer than any other president in US history, invaded more countries than George Bush the warmonger, and with 10x the airstrikes.

Still, we should remember him for the fact he was the coolest President in history. I mean name me one other President who played basketball, had sex with Beyonce and went on Ellen. You can’t.


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He also “inhaled” back in the day so we’ve got to give him that. What a legend.


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