Man’s Penis Rots After He Injected Vaseline To Try And Make It Bigger

Come on man, that’s not going to work.

Pretty sure that pretty much every guy out there probably wants a bigger dick, but unless you’re some kind of moron you do generally realise by the time you’re about twenty that it’s not going to get any bigger and you’re just gonna have to deal with the hand that you’re dealt.

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That isn’t a problem for most people but occasionally you get someone like the guy in this article who just won’t accept it. He is from the South Pacific Islands though where they have notoriously small penises so maybe it’s a big of a bigger deal for him than most.

Anyway, this 45 year old man (please draw attention to the fact that a 45 year old man was trying this method to make his junk larger) was so obsessed with making his dick bigger that he actually went to the store, picked up a jar of vaseline and then injected it into his member in the hopes that this would make it permanently bigger.

No idea why he would think that? Needless to say though, the process didn’t work and he turned up at hospital two years later complaining that his shaft was starting to rot and bleed thanks to a build up of fluid around it that wasn’t going down after five days. Honestly not that sympathetic here because surely you would expect something like that to happen if you injected your dick with petroleum jelly?

Upon examination, doctors discovered that his dick was grossly deformed and tender, with small patches of rotting flesh. He was diagnosed with Fournier’s gangrene – a life threatening flesh eating bug of the genitals. Fortunately, the doctors were able to remove the dead flesh and rotted tissue after three operations and after multiple plastic surgeries and skin grafts on his penis, the man was allowed home after a month.

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What an absolute nightmare. Here’s what Dr Amer Amin had to say about the operation:

Penile self-injections are performed in order to attempt to increase penile size and have been reported to cause latent pain, ulceration and Fournier’s  gangrene.

Common materials used for penile augmentation that have been described in the literature are mineral oil, petroleum jelly, nandrolone deconoate and waxes.

The most likely reason for the development of Fournier’s in this patient would be related to having a foreign material, in the form of petroleum jelly, in the subcutaneous planes of the penile shaft which have secondarily become infected after the integrity of the skin barrier was breached after itching at the area.

Interestingly, our patient reported that this practice was fairly commonplace in the South Pacific Islands.

Told you they had a major complex with dick size over there, but really I just hope they get educated that this kind of behaviour is not a good idea and nobody else tries it. Unfortunately though, I can’t see that happening just because of the way some people are about those kinds of things. Hopefully if you’ve read this article you won’t be dumb enough to try again though.

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