Man’s Penis Begins To Decay After He Got It Stuck In A Metal Pipe While He Was Horny

Just guys being guys.

A Thai man’s penis began to rot after he got it jammed in a metal pipe for 5 days and only sought help when the pain became unbearable.

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The 21-year-old was unbelievably horny when he decided to put his penis in a sock and then stick it in a metal cylinder which he began shagging.

After climaxing, the tip had swollen so much the blood couldn’t flow back – and he was stuck inside the make-shift sex toy.

After enduring the pain for 5 days with his penis already rotting inside the contraption, the man finally called for help and was taken to hospital by volunteer rescue workers.

Paramedic Akachai Buapathum said they spent three hours cutting the metal from the man’s penis – but wasted 25 blades slicing through it. Akachai says:

When I first saw his penis it was already swollen.

The bolt and nuts he put on were 3mm thick and we had to cut them open with a small blade.

We used 25 blades and spent more than three hours on the operation.

The man had been experimenting with adding a black sock to his sex toy, but this was one of the reasons that he was stuck.

Obviously it’s a very embarrassing thing to go to the doctor and admit you got too horny and started shagging a metal pipe, but waiting FIVE DAYS to seek medical attention?! Unreal. Apparently his penis had rotted so badly that the doctors could see tissue. But somehow he thought ‘this is fine’ for 4 days before deciding ‘maybe i should get this checked out’ on day 5.

I don’t know if this Thai man will end up losing his penis but honestly he probably deserves to. If you don’t have the good sense to realise you have a serious problem when your dick is literally rotting inside a metal pipe then maybe you don’t deserve to have a dick at all. It’s that simple.

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