A Man’s Penis Got Ripped Off When He Tried To Climb Over A Fence With Metal Spikes

Climbing Fence


I’ve never really been scared of ripping my balls and penis off when I’ve been climbing over a fence, but after reading this and seeing that picture down there, maybe I should be.

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The unnamed 27 year old man was wasted when he tried to jump over a metal railing in Kuznetsk, Russia.Unfortunately his dick caught on the metal spikes and well, you can see the results.

He was left hanging from the metal spike and was eventually able to free himself and turned up at the local hospital bleeding profusely. No idea if he manage to get it reattached, but a whole bunch of Russians rushed to take a photograph of it up on that railing before it got taken off and that’s the main thing, right?

Can’t find an actual unblurred picture of it unfortunately but apparently they’re floating around social media if you’re really desperate for it. Here’s a blurred one though:

Penis Impaled

Not sure if I actually want to see it to be honest, but hey each to their own.

An unnamed source said the following:

The man said no one else was involved in the accident.

He impaled himself while climbing over the metal fence.

Short and to the point, kinda like that guy’s dick now. Sorry, too soon I suppose. Seriously though be careful if you do try and climb a metal fence – you’ve seen what can go wrong.

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