Manchester Students Are Now Holding COVID Parties You Can Only Attend If You’ve Tested Positive

Most exclusive parties ever.

The fact that a whole bunch of students at many of the top universities were told to move across the country into their very expensive rented accommodation because the virus wouldn’t be a problem and classes would continue as normal but have then been forced to self isolate as lecturess shifted to Zoom after an outbreak of the virus is one of the biggest failures of the whole pandemic – and there’s a lot of completion for that title – so you can’t really blame them for reacting in a bunch of outlandish ways.

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The latest of these comes from Manchester University’s Fallowfield campus where over 1000 students have tested positive for the virus and cases are rising every day, possibly due to the fact that they’re now throwing COVID parties within the halls where you have to have tested positive in order to attend. That might not sound so bad in principle, but you can bet that if all the cool kids/hot girls are attending then people are probably going to fake their results to get in – you know what it’s like when you’re in college – and that’s obviously going to lead to the virus being spread even further and more infections.

Here’s how one 18 year old Physics student described one of the parties:

There was a flat party a few days ago which had a policy that you could only get in if you were positive.

It was like their health-and-safety measure.

Man you can definitely understand how annoying it would be if you hadn’t had Coronavirus and it sounded like it was going off in that flat. Or maybe they just told the Physics student that because they didn’t want any geeky snitches showing up and ruining the vibe of the party. Could realistically be either reason.

Whilst that is kinda funny, students probably shouldn’t be doing this as it’s not going to help lower the R number any time soon. However, you can’t really blame them for not taking it seriously anymore when their whole experience has been screwed up and the government are faffing around at every turn and have brazenly been breaking the rules themselves throughout the whole experience. So it goes.

For more of the same, at least it’s better than the US parties students were throwing where they hoped to capture Coronavirus. A bunch of people died.


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