Manchester Locals Are Complaining About The Sea Of Bucket Hats Taking Over The City

They wanna be adored.

Every year or so, one of the music industry’s old favourite bands reunite when they reach mid life crisis and realise they’ve squandered their millions on trendy bathroom interiors and cocaine. There’s no better way to remind everyone you exist than dragging your saggy corpse back onto the stage for a couple more shows before disappearing once more to the dark netherworld of ageing and obscurity.

Recently we’ve seen Guns’n’Roses and All Saints hobbling back into the limelight as well as a truly horrific McFly combined with Busted splice that honestly nobody asked for.

The latest golden oldies to grace fans with their presence are Madchester pioneer, The Stone Roses, who presumably just want to be adored one last time. Everyone who has ever picked up a copy of NME made their way to Manchester’s holy Etihad stadium this weekend so that they could brag about it to Liam at work.

King of the cheeky lads, David Beckham was one of many in the audience, alongside his fanboy son Brooklyn although most attendees didn’t get a song dedicated to them. He uploaded this selfie posing in a bucket hat on Instagram to prove it.

Wow what a night that I could spend with just another Roses fan that happens to be my boy ❤️

A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

  But he wasn’t the only one wearing a fetching bucket hat, oh no. Thanks to the iconic hat worn by the band’s drummer Reni back in the 90s, kids and dads alike got their own similar pieces of headgear to celebrate the gig in style. Unfortunately pretty much everyone had the same idea and Manchester has seen thousands wearing identical outfits in the city centre. Here’s what the locals and visitors had to say about the incoming swarm of bucket hats on Twitter:

Hopefully the only buckets we see next weekend are either ones full of cash or 48 chicken nuggets.


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