Where’s Wally? At Manchester City’s Christmas party.

No, nobody stubbed out a cigar in somebody’s eye at this one (Joey Barton plays for QPR now remember) and not even Mario Balotelli did anything too stupid but the whole event looks like big joke so obviously Sick Chirpse had to cover it. Basically, even though they had just lost to Chelsea about 2 hours earlier all of the Manchester City players went out to some West End club in London to blow off some steam, probably not only because they had lost but also because Ashley Cole had taunted them in the tunnel on the way out singing ‘Channel Five, Thursday night.’ Ashley Cole never lets you down huh?

Anyway, that Manchester City Christmas Party doesn’t sound too great now does it? But then you find out it was a fancy dress party and that Gareth Barry dressed up as Where’s Wally and suddenly it’s a hell of a lot more funny. Here’s a bunch of the pictures, where you get to see famous Manchester City players dress up as their heroes. Sergio Aguero as Harry Potter. Roberto Mancini as Ozzy Osbourne. Owen Hargreaves as Batman ( I guess he had to make an appearance somewhere). Joe Hart as American football player Hartdog (what?!) and Pablo Zabaleta as a trashed pirate. I only wish somebody had managed to get a shot of Mario Balotelli’s costume. You know that would have been special.  Enjoy!




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