Car Thief Who Crashed Stolen Car Gets Punched Through A Wall (VIDEO)

Clothesline from Hell.

This clip comes from Droylsden in Manchester where apparently there’s a massive car theft problem that locals have just about had enough of.

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The other day, a group of builders working on Sunnyside Road saw a gang of chavs crash a stolen car into another vehicle and then leg it.

One of the chavs runs back to the car for some reason, and boy does he end up regretting it:

It’s never nice to see teenagers get put through walls but at the same time there’s something very satisfying about watching this crook get absolutely rocked and given a dressing down by our hero builder. Also good to see that plainclothes officer turn up and detain him so that’s a result right there.

What I want to know is why this dumb chav went running back to scene of the crime in the first place? Did he leave his phone in the car? Was he trying to get the car moving again? Probably would have been home free if he’d kept on running with his boys. Instead he got clotheslined through a wall and is now probably sitting in some cell somewhere. Unlucky.

For the woman who took a stolen car on a joyride and then tried to convince police she was Beyonce, click HERE.

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