Man Who Went From 5’8 To 6’3 Through Leg Lengthening Surgery Says He Didn’t Feel Masculine Before



Plastic surgery has been giving people bigger t*ts, bigger d*cks and bigger lips for a long time now, so it’s a huge win for all the vertically-challenged men out there to now be able to get surgery to increase their height.

A 21-year-old male from Germany has now documented his journey from 5’8 to 6’3 on TikTok, explaining that prior to his three leg-lengthening surgeries, he ‘didn’t feel masculine’ and had major issues with his body image.

This man underwent extensive surgery to lengthen his legs. Credit: TikTok/@le_tremba

@le_tremba explained that the expensive, painful, and lengthy procedures were totally worth it, eventually adding a whole 7 inches to his weight:

“For me 1.70m is short, honestly it affects my self-confidence. I don’t feel masculine.

There are women who are 1.75m or even taller.”

The surgery – which the TikToker traveled to Turkey to get – involved breaking his legs and having magnetic screws put in. He then used a height-lengthening device multiple times a day to pull his bones, muscle, skin, and nerves apart a millimetre at a time until it stretched the body to the desired height.

Which sounds absolutely brutal, but again, totally worth it according to the lad:

“The most important thing for me, as a man, is to be self-confident, free and content.

To say height doesn’t matter is a lie.”

The man admitted to not feeling masculine before his surgery. Credit: TikTok/@le_tremba

At a UK private clinic, you can expect to pay as much as £50,000 for this surgery. Amazingly, it could be available for free on the NHS if you have particularly short legs, but keep in mind that it’s a long and painful process, and can lead to complications like poor bone formation, fracture and infection, and is therefore generally not recommended.

As for @le_tremba, there’s no regrets, it seems. He’s taller than his nan now!

The man was able to walk and returning home to his family within months of the surgery. Credit: TikTok/@le_tremba

For the 6’3 shopper who brutally murdered two children for asking how tall he was, click HERE. Just a bit of an overreaction.



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