Man Has Bag Of Weed Removed From His Nose 18 Years After Stashing It Up There

Hate when that happens.

Imagine being in prison and being so desperate for some weed that you get your girlfriend to smuggle it in for you, only to shove the baggie so far up your nose that you can’t retrieve it and it just stays there for 18 years before a doctor is able to fish it out.

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That’s exactly what happened to one man in Sydney, Australia, according to a new case report published in British Medical Journal Case Reports.

It’s the “first reported case of a prison-acquired marijuana-based rhinolith,” aka nose stone, according to Murray Smith, physician at Westmead Hospital, in his report titled ‘a noise out of joint’.

During a prison visit, the patient’s girlfriend supplied him with a small quantity of marijuana, inside a rubber balloon.

The patient, who is now 48, slipped the package into his right nostril, and was able to hide it from prison guards this way. But when he tried to retrieve it, he accidentally lodged the pot deeper into his nasal cavity and assumed that he had unknowingly swallowed it at some point.

Turns out he didn’t swallow the weed at all, instead over the years it became a ‘grey calcified lesion measuring 19 by 11 millimetres’. Gross.

The man had ‘a history of nasal obstruction and frequent sinus infections’, but he had no idea they could be caused by his long, lost bag of weed until he sought treatment after also getting painful headaches. A CT scan of his brain revealed the “rubber capsule containing degenerate vegetable/plant matter,” which doctors removed under general anaesthetic.


18 years – that’s probably longer than some of the people reading this have been alive. I just don’t understand how he thought ‘oh well, probably swallowed it’ and just carried on living his life with a bag of weed stuck in his head for nearly two decades. Did he at least try going through his poop to see if his swallow theory was correct?

The lunatic probably took it home and smoked it afterwards too.

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