Man Wears ‘F*ck The Police’ T-Shirt To Court, Wins Case Against Police

What a sickhead.

Today in absolute G moves, Michael Burns from Florida wore a ‘Fuck the police’ T-shirt to a court case against the police… and won.

Michael claims to have been unfairly targeted and harassed by the cops after he filmed an officer trying to break up a roadside gathering (filming police is, of course, totally legal).

Michael had driven away from the scene when he was followed by officers who asked him to pull over and remove a sticker that was apparently blocking a section of his number plate.

He said after the verdict:

I refused to answer any of his questions and advised him I would see him in court to fight it when he told me I had to take it off. I went to court wearing a shirt that said “F*** the police’ and while I was told I had no 5th amendment right and I was not actually allowed to ask any questions during my trial, I somehow still manage to win.

Good on you Mike – though we’d be more impressed if they’d put you on the ground, tasered you and you still managed to get away.


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