Man Asked Waitress To ‘Call Me’ In Creepy Note On Receipt With £725 Tip


A waitress who pocketed a sweet $1000 (£750) tip by a customer was left creeped out by the message the man left on her bill, paying her a bizarre compliment for the ages.

The server issued the $128.89 (£93.45) bill to the customer who then left the sizable tip after taking a liking to her. Unfortunately, he felt the need to scrawl this on receipt as well:

Wow, does this guy have game or what? “Beautiful nipples princess, CALL ME” signed by “THE MASTER.” I mean what waitress isn’t dripping puddles upon reading that at the end of her shift?

The @gentlemanluxory Twitter account has since been suspended, but this screenshot floating around gives a sense of the type of twat we’re dealing with here…

The note was posted on Reddit’s All Things Trashy forum where commenters are sympathising with the server about being ‘harassed’ and ‘violated’ and whatnot. Yeah OK she might feel a bit icky reading that but at the end of the day, she’s going to pocket the tip and get on with her life, right? Ask the average person and they’ll let you call them anything for a grand. Probably a lot worse things than “beautiful nipples princess”.

Can’t help but wonder though; would this have played out differently if the server found the customer attractive? I mean it’s still a super creepy line coming from anyone, but especially nauseating when it’s signed off by some Christian Grey wannabe trying to buy a shag with an $1000 tip. Anyway, hope she doesn’t spend it all at once. Onto the next one for @GentlemanLuxory, I bet.

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