Man VS Vodka

Dude (probably a Man Uni student) downs a pint of vodka.

There are a few videos on the internet of dudes pretending to drink a whole bottle of spirit. There’s one video of a guy pretending to drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels which is obviously fake as he doesn’t even open the bottle in front of the camera, I mean come on dude at least TRY and make it look real.

This video of a guy downing a pint of vodka on the other hand is the only one that I think has any kind of chance of being real. Firstly, this guy makes a point of coming up to the camera and showing you that he’s cracking the seal on the vodka. Secondly, his mates all sound like they’re trying their hardest not to burst out laughing and/or piss themselves, they also sound completely shocked at the end when he actually downs it. Thirdly, he sounds like a typical Man Uni student from Owen’s Park who would probably be stupid enough to do something like this (although kudos if you have actually downed a pint of vodka, that’s pretty impressive). Class dismissed.

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