Man Bursts In On Cheating Wife With Camera; Promises Not To Release Video

Cheating Wife Jason

The definition of brutal.

Jeeeeeeezus titty christ. What is going on here then? Well, one thing’s for sure, this dude’s wife is getting some super D from their buddy called Jason.

No back story here, just one dude with a videocamera bursting into his apartment and filming his naked wife all snuggled up their mate on the sofa (naked).

Check it:

Two things to note:

1. The sign on the door says take off your shoes. This cheating ho and her buddy have taken that to a whole new level and taken everything off.

2. This video was meant for the judge’s eyes only, and is now on WorldStarHipHop. Someone slipped up big time.

How is this dude so calm about the whole situation? Well it looks like he’s desperate for a divorce, so catching his wife slipping is exactly what he wanted. This is his get out of jail free card. Fair play.

What do you reckon, is this as savage as this dude who superglued his wife’s vagina shut after he caught her cheating?


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