Man Wins Vegan Girl Over By Bringing Her A Bouquet Of Kale

Kale bouquet

Who says romance is dead?

In the post-Tinder world we live in, dating has basically turned into a f**king frenzy and trying to find any sign of romance is as tough as it used to be to get someone to propose.

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Which is what makes this story all the more special. A redditor named rundarthmittens shared a picture online of a colander full of kale, with the comment:

I went on a first date the other day, and it came up that I was vegan. On the second date he brought me a couple of bunches of kale from his garden.

Most of the time meat-eaters hold the attitude that vegans are boring or don’t enjoy food, but this guy on the other hand not only remembered his first date’s dietary preferences, but also expressed his equal love for vegetation. It brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

See – vegans and meat-eaters aren’t all that different. And as for the thought behind it, this guy deserves a third date for his lovely gesture. We definitely need more respect and kindness like this in the dating world.

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