Absolute Badass Uses Airline Ticket To Get Free Meals For A Year

First Class

Life hack.

The thing about flying first class is that people treat you like absolute royalty and let you do whatever you want.

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This is exactly why one badass was able to exploit the system to get free meals from the first class lounge for over a year. His name hasn’t been disclosed but he bought a first class ticket from China Eastern Airlines in Xi’an airport, Shaanxi, China and proceeded to completely and utterly abuse it for a year.

The gentleman in question would go to the first class lounge, have as much free food and booze as he could handle and then reschedule his flight for the day after. Of course, because he was a first class customer there was no extra charge for him to use this service, and so he came back and did the exact same thing the next day and for pretty much a year after that too.

The heist (I guess that’s kinda what it is?) only stopped when the airline became suspicious of him cancelling so many flights. Remarkably, he managed to do this 300 times in one year before anyone wondered what was going on though, and even when he got found out he just refunded the ticket instead of rescheduling it, so didn’t spend any money all year. Gotta love those perks of first class.

First Class Lounge

However, as much fun as getting free ‘first class’ food for a year must have been, it also must have kind of sucked going to the airport that much. It probably means the guy literally has no friends and lives near to the airport, which is never a nice neighbourhood to live in.

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Unless he worked in the airport and caught a bite on his way home, I can’t really see how this would be an advantageous situation for the guy considering he probably spent at least an hour going there and back every day. I love free stuff as much as the next guy, but sometimes you gotta count the opportunity cost there too.

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