Man Trying To ‘Time Travel’ Drives His Car Straight Through Shopping Centre Wall

How to win a Darwin Award…

You’d think that with all of the hype that surrounded Back To The Future towards the end of last year, you’d think that people by now would have grasped the fact that it is just a film, and not a scientific guide to actual time travel.

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A bloke in Florida drove his car straight through a wall, wiping out a coffin makers and financial advisers’ office in the process. Luckily the driver wasn’t injured, but when speaking to police, he told them that before the crash he was ‘attempting to time travel’. Obviously.

The manager of the financial advisers said:

It looked like a bomb went off.

I was mad, then eventually I was happy no one was hurt. You know that was my biggest concern cause, you know, if anyone was hurt, anybody could have died or whatever.


His plan was never going to work. I mean, he was driving a Dodge Challenger, not a DeLoreon. Moron.


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