Man Gets Brutally Trolled After Texting Wrong Number About His ‘Tiny Penis’

Man trolled

It backfires in his face.

A man learned the hard way that you should always double check you’re texting the right person before revealing embarrassing, personal information.

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Michael thought he was texting his ex-girlfriend Crystal. The bizarre messages start with him asking her to, “stop telling everyone how tiny I am”. Stupidly, Michael doesn’t figure out that it might not be Crystal when the respondent replies, “Who’s this? You could literally be like 10 people”.

Instead of being cautious, Michael reveals details on his “baby cock”, leaving himself wide open for a good, hard trolling:


To be fair, that person could’ve gone in way harder than they did. Good effort with the whole, “some babies have very big cocks,” gag, but still, they could’ve rinsed him way more than that. Then again, I’m guessing Michael wasn’t the one who published these messages, so he got him there. He’s lucky the guy didn’t know his surname.

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