Guys Get Trolled To The Extreme When He Texts Wrong Person About DJing A Massive Student Night

Club Night

This is an A+ masterclass in trolling.

There are some times when texting is a more than adequate form of communication. There are others when it is severely lacking, and one of those is when you’re trying to book a DJ to headline your night – you should at least talk to them to ensure that you’ve got the right person and they know what they’re talking about etc. Any old idiot can blag it through text messages, as we can see below.

The gist of it is that a club in Leeds wanted to book a DJ called Danny James Elliot to be the weekly resident at their night, but ended up texting a different Danny James Elliot somehow. Whoops – maybe a phone call would have been a better idea?

Anyway, instead of just saying ‘nah wrong number m8’, the fake Danny James Elliot decided to have some fun with it and went on a trolling masterclass. Watch and learn

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