Man Tries To ‘Destroy The Internet’ To Stop Embarrassing Videos Of Himself Going Online


That’s one way of dealing with it.

If Kim can do it, Liu can too. I’m talking about breaking the internet. The only difference is, Liu isn’t half naked with a champagne glass balanced on his ass. Nope. Liu is a man who literally broke the internet.

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Yes – He smashed up four optical cable network receivers in his village in an attempt to destroy the World Wide Web. Why? Because unlike Kim, he didn’t want pictures of himself plastered all over the internet.

Destroy Internet


Liu recently moved to Weifang in China’s Shandong province and attended a neighbourhood square dance. For those of you not aware, square dancing is a popular activity usually associated with middle-aged women. (Imagine your dad going to Zumba – I assume it’s like that.) Now, I personally believe everybody should be allowed to enjoy whichever pastime tickles their fancy, but some amused bystanders started laughing at poor Liu and taking photographs of his funky Dad moves, so mortified Liu decided to swiftly leave.

Obviously haunted by the embarrassment and in fear of becoming a ridiculed internet sensation, Liu decided the best way to deal with this was to physically destroy the internet. So he did, and caused over 100,000 yuan in damages. Quite the achievement. 

On August 19th, Liu was identified as the perpetrator and is now known as the guy who destroyed the internet, not the guy who did the embarrassing dance on the internet, so really, his plan worked. 

There is no sign of any embarrassing square dance photos of Liu online – Just embarrassing articles about a genius, yet ridiculous act of desperation. Well done, Liu.

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