Man Tries To Steal TikToker’s Phone While She Makes A Video On The Subway (VIDEO)

Oh dear.

The last thing you ever want to do on the NYC subway is to leave your stuff unattended in the middle of the platform, but even still it’s pretty amazing watching this guy try to take a girl’s phone moments after she set it down in order to film a TikTok.

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Naturally, as the phone was already recording, user @5minwithaurea caught the attempted theft on tape. Way better than the rehearsed TikTok she was about to produce, I bet:

@5minwithaurea🆘 😣 i was by myself ##steal ##viral ##dangerous ##wedemandrespect ##notviolence ##silenceisviolence ##aureaagainststreetharrassment ##fyp ##fy ##nyc ##nyctrain

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Love how he basically tries to accuse her of entrapment and “setting him up”, like that makes it OK to just pick up someone’s phone and try to walk off with it.

Not sure if he’s drunk or just a complete lunatic (camo attire on non-army personnel would suggest the latter), but trying to take a girl’s phone, then sticking your middle finger up at her and claiming entrapment to a teenager making a TikTok video is just bananas.

Again though, what the hell was she thinking putting her phone down in the middle of a New York subway platform in the first place? Hopefully both this lunatic and the TikToker have learnt their respective lessons so history doesn’t repeat itself next time. Good luck to them both!

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