Man Who Tied Dead Fox To His Fence Has Been Forced Out Of His Home

Dead fox

100% deserved.

A man who tied a dead fox to the front of his house has been forced to flee after receiving abuse for the shocking display. What goes around, comes around.

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A Facebook group was set up to “name and shame” the man, who lives in Minister-on-Sea in Kent. Calls for action were made after the grim pictures were circulated online.

Some neighbours were so horrified that they called the police and RSPCA after seeing the poor, dead fox tied up on the man’s fence. According to local residents, the fox had been caught in a snare, its neck was cut and then it was hung up as a trophy. This guy is clearly sick in the head if he thinks that is something to be proud of.

A campaign has now been set up to see action taken against the man. Angela Walder, former chairman of the Sheppey branch of the RSPCA, said:

I was horrified and disgusted. This was an appalling way to die. The fox must have been in terrible agony. I hope the RSPCA prosecutes.

Fox hunting

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However, although the man has currently fled his home, it looks like that’s the only payback this guy’s going to get, as an RSPCA spokesman said there was “insufficient evidence” to allow any further action. What about that awful picture?

Nicola Honey, who works for the RSPCA and was called to cut the animal down, said:

It is true foxes are classed as vermin, but there are more humane ways to do this. This must have come as a terrible shock to anyone walking past – especially for children.

Meanwhile, an unnamed neighbour said:

It is a very quiet road and not fox infested. I heard the noise. It was distressing, but the biggest shock was seeing it tied to the gate.

So grim – it’s even more frustrating that this guy is probably well off enough to hide out for the next couple of months until this whole thing blows over and then he’ll be back to slaughtering innocent creatures in no time at all. He’s clearly got sociopathic tendencies because to string that poor fox up in such a sadistic way is completely heartless.

Fox hunting is just not cool in general. Although a certain Vinnie Jones might not agree with that statement, I’m sticking by it.


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