Man Tries To Throw Shit At Judge After He Sentences Him To 40 Years (VIDEO)


A man who was being sentenced for a series of robberies across Springfield, Ohio over in the States attempted to throw actual shit at the judge during his sentencing this week.

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Ricky Hand concealed his poop on his person and threw it after he was sentenced to 40 years for his role in the robberies.

He faced 30 charges of breaking and entering, safe-cracking, aggravated robbery, abduction and attempted safe-cracking.

To be fair 40 years is a brutally long time to spend in prison, but it’s kind of justified when you realise he’s the kind of guy who carries his own shit in his pocket. I’ll bet the judge and everyone else in the room were glad he pulled that out and not a knife or something though. The dude looked ready to unleash hell but nope – just a handful of shit. False alarm.

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