Man Throws An AXE Through Motorist’s Windshield In Wild Road Rage Incident

Reasonable reaction.

When on the brink of a road rage incident, it’s always a good idea to make sure who you’re beeping at or flipping the middle finger to, because if it’s a dude with a manbun and no shirt on, there’s a decent chance he’s got a damn AXE in his car and won’t think twice about lobbing it through your windshield and into your face.

Case in point:

How long had this maniac been waiting to do that to someone? He really had an axe just sitting in his car waiting to be thrown at somebody. It wasn’t even in the boot! Probably just resting in lap as he drives around looking for any reason to throw it at someone. Good throwing form in any case, will give him that.

Would the victim have been in the wrong if they’d just floored it as soon as they saw the axe and drove into that psychopath? An axe is a deadly weapon, after all. Thankfully no one was hurt during this incident but as I say; a decent reminder to always be wary of who you’re clashing with on the roads. On the plus side… free axe!

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