Man Who ‘Thought Stun Gun Was A Shaver’ Is ‘Lucky To Be Alive’


A man who almost blasted himself in the face with a stun gun after believing it to be an electric shaver is ‘lucky to be alive’, according to police.

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Mohammed Khan, 26, said he had no idea that the device was actually a weapon when he bought it from a stranger in a takeway, reports the Metro.

He has pleaded guilty to possession of a weapon despite claiming he had ‘no idea’ of the device’s true nature.

The weapon was discovered on May 1 last year when police found what appeared to be a ‘taser and charger in a bedroom drawer’ during a raid on his home for another matter.

Khan told Bolton Crown Court he bought the device, along with a charger, from a stranger who approached him at the back of a takeaway, believing it to be a personal grooming tool. Seems likely eh? I mean look at this thing – it looks just like an electric shaver! Right? Right?

Khan said he ‘plugged in’ the device and ‘tried to shave’ with it after returning to his home in Deane, Bolton.

Sure enough, after the device was seized, it was revealed to be a stun gun by forensic investigators.

Eleanor Gleeson, prosecuting, said:

Mr Khan says the device did not charge up, so he put the device in a drawer and forgot all about it.

He says that he did not realise the prongs were part of a stun gun as he had never seen one before and that if he had known the device was a stun gun he would have acted differently.

Hmm… stun gun “he thought was a shaver” found “during a raid on his home”. That’s not suspicious at all, is it? Unless this guy is the greatest, most convincing fibber on the planet I cannot believe the courts are even entertaining the idea that he didn’t know the item he bought off some dodgy bloke in a takeaway one night was a stun gun and not a shaver. I mean what are we even doing here?

Not to mention he seems to be sporting a pretty epic beard under that face mask, so not sure he was in the market for a shaver in the first place. Either way, pretty funny to think anyone could accidentally blast their faces off with a stun gun in a situation like this. Better guilty of being a dumbass than a criminal I guess.

To watch police over in the States taser a 19-year-old for ‘vaping’ even though he was following their instructions, click HERE. ‘Murica.


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