Man Gets Same Tattoo As His Rescue Dog; Finds Out It’s A Neuter Symbol



A man (who remains unnamed for obvious reasons) thought that his rescue dog had been cruelly tattooed by his abusive former owner.

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This angered him so much that he decided to get the same tattoo done as an act of solidarity. It’s a lovely thought, right?

Well, as soon as he uploaded the picture to social media, someone was quick to tell him that the tattoo was not a mark from his former owner at all.


The marking is one that is made by vets of rescue dogs to let their new owners know that they’ve been neutered.

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That poor guy. He was only trying to do something nice for his rescue dog and instead he’s ended up with a permanent reminder of his own stupidity. Imagine trying to explain that to a new partner – I’m not neutered, I swear.

That’s got to be one of the best bad tattoo stories of all time. Same goes for this guy who got a topless tattoo of his girlfriend just moments before she dumped him. Ouch.


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