Man Kills Himself By Plunging Two Blades Into His Neck While Hearing Prison Sentence


An American man stabbed himself to death in a Taiwan courtroom this week after being sentenced to four years in jail for drug possession.

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The Taipei Times reported that 41-year-old Tyrel Martin Marhanka smuggled a pair of 8-inch scissors into the courtroom, which he separated into two blades.

Upon being sentenced to four years for possession of marijuana, witnesses describe how Marhanka shouted “Four years?”

The translator informed Marhanka that he could appeal the decision, to which he responded:

I don’t want to appeal. I don’t want to live anyone.

He then pulled out the scissors and plunged them into both sides of his neck, severing arteries that spewed blood. He was taken to hospital but doctors were unable to save him.

The court said Marhanka apparently smuggled the blades by hiding them in a magazine tucked under his arm.

Judge Wang Yi-min says:

We deeply regret that Tyrel Martin Marhanka killed himself during the sentencing. He was cooperative during the investigation and the trial. His attitude was mild and he did not show any signs that he would commit suicide.


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Well, that’s pretty hardcore to say the least. No one wants to spend four years in jail in Taiwan but I’m pretty sure I’d suck it up and do the time instead of stabbing myself to death in the middle of the courtroom. You’d think if someone was tough enough to stab themselves in the neck like that they’d be tough enough to handle four years in a foreign prison. I guess not.

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