This Man Survived The Paris Terror Attacks Thanks To His Phone

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Lucky escape.

Some good news has actually come out of an otherwise terrible night; a night that saw France’s capital subjected to six co-ordinated attacks by ISIS affiliates.

Among the shock and sadness, amazingly, one man has told of how his smartphone saved his life.

The man, known as Sylvestre, was at France’s national Stadium during the horrifying assaults. Sylvestre believes his head would have ‘exploded’ had his mobile not took the impact of the shrapnel. Watch his interview below:

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He was hit in the foot and the ribcage, but the shrapnel careering toward his head hit his phone. Lucky man.

The suicide bomber near Sylvestre was one of three who blew themselves up outside the Stade de France. Surprisingly, no one was killed by these blasts, which were audible in the coverage of the match between France and Germany:

The French demonstrated their resolve as they left the stadium, singing the national anthem – La Marseillaise – as they tried to comprehend what was happening:

How about some good news about ISIS? Involving a 1000 metre shot from a British SAS Sniper – saving a father and son from beheading.

Sylvestre was lucky, but many more weren’t. Our thoughts are with Paris.


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