British SAS Sniper Saves Father And 8 Year Old Boy From ISIS Beheading With Killer 1000 Metre Shot

This story right here is exactly what heroes are made of. Big up the SAS!

A British sniper with the SAS has just gunned down an ISIS idiot who was set to brutally behead a father and his 8 year old son, blasting him from 1000 metres away with a last minute head shot.

The same sniper then gunned down two other ISIS members who were standing around confused after seeing their executioner mate’s head blow up.

The father and his son were rescued and it turns out they were sentenced to death after refusing to denounce their faith and being branded “infidels”. They were of the minority Shia sect of Islam which ISIS consider to be heretical.


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One source described the scene:

There were several decapitated bodies already lying on the ground. Through binoculars the soldiers could see that the crowd were terrified and many were in tears.

A man and a young boy were dragged out in front of the crowd and were made to kneel down. They were both wearing blindfolds and looked terrified.  A tall bearded man emerged and drew a long knife. He began addressing the crowd and slapping the father and his son around the head and kicking them on to the floor.  Standing either side of the executioner were two other Isis fighters, both armed with AK47s.

The ISIS thug who was about to decapitate the father was shot in the head and collapsed. Everyone just stared in confusion. The sniper then dispatched the two henchmen with single shots — three kills with three bullets.

Someone from the crowd then ran over and untied the father and son’s hands and took their blindfolds off.

That is actually one of the greatest passages I’ve ever read. This dad and his son were literally seconds away from death but lucky for them this SAS sniper was on fine form. Exactly what heroes are made of.

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