Man Survives Car Bomb Explosion In Assassination Attempt Gone Wrong (VIDEO)

This guy is built differently.

A Ring doorbell cam captured the moment a man’s car exploded in an apparent assassination attempt in Las Vegas, only for the sick f-ck to immediately scramble out of the window with his life and limbs intact.

Just imagine hopping into your work van one day, turning on the ignition, and this happens:

Unreal. How did he survive that? Unless he’s got some serious internal bleeding going on then that is a very lucky escape indeed.

The question now is – who was responsible for this? Many on the internet appear to be blaming his girlfriend who was sat safely in her own vehicle as the explosion went off. Could she have been behind this? She does seem a little bit calm and unsurprised by the whole thing, which is odd considering most women I know would start freaking out and screaming and making the situation 100x worse (no offence). Could be that this guy is involved in some dodgy shit but if not, maybe time to look into any life insurance policy taken out by his lady recently.

Either way, someone screwed up because this guy withstood the blast like he was The Terminator and didn’t seem too perturbed by the whole thing at all. Maybe that’s just the shock of nearly been blown into a million pieces in his own car though. I’d imagine that takes a while to subside.

For the dumbass who was arrested after trying to hire a hitman on, click HERE. Some people should just not be allowed on the internet.


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