Personal Trainer Is Suing Date For £130,000 After Claiming She Gave Him Herpes When They Kissed

Worst first date ever.

A man is suing a woman he met on for £138,000 after claiming he got a cold sore after she kissed him on their first date.

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As reported by MailOnline, Martin Ashley Conway, 45, claims he has been left ‘traumatised’, with his life and work seriously damaged, after catching the herpes simplex cold sore virus through kissing date Jovanna Lovelace, in her 30s, when they met in London.

Martin says Jovanna was ‘negligent’ in kissing him when she had an ‘active cold sore’ and owed him a duty of care to protect him from contracting a ‘virus for life’.

Unfortunately for Martin, he was told by the judge at Central London County Court that he needs to prove he didn’t catch herpes off someone else, which sounds like an impossible task.

Fitness coach Martin says he became ill several days after he and Jovanna kissed on their date in July last year. He developed flu-like symptoms and mouth ulcers and had to be rushed into hospital after suffering a panic attack.

He says she ‘had a moral and ethical and legal duty to warn me of the risks that I would be exposed to,’ adding: ‘I was kissed before I was informed of any cold sore.’ What I don’t get is that if it was an “active” cold sore, didn’t he see it with his own eyes?

At a pre-trial hearing Judge David Saunders told Mr Conway:

This is a claim for £138,000.

It’s a significant claim, focused on the passing-on of the Herpes simplex virus which has caused you loss.

It is the issue which this court has to deal with.

This case has really got to be honed down to those issues.

Really this is all about whether you have it and whether she has it and gave it to you. It could be somebody else.

It’s your claim and you’ve got to prove it. The battle is yours.

Welp, good luck with that. I don’t know how he’s going to get any sort of evidence that will prove he caught herpes from this lady so he’ll probably waste a lot of time and money on this case and the only thing he’ll accomplish is letting the world know he has herpes. Tough break for sure.

My favourite quote from the article has to be this though:

As a result of his new lifelong condition, he claims it has stopped him from pursuing his dream career as a lawyer.

His cold sores prevented him from becoming a lawyer? Solid excuse I guess.

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