Man Who Sued After Accident Left Him ‘Scared Of Heights’ Caught Going Down Europe’s Tallest Waterslide

What an idiot.

A bodybuilder who claimed an accident left him ‘unable to lift weights’ and ‘scared of heights’ has brainlessly filmed himself enjoying Europe’s tallest waterslide.

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Ben Bardsley, 38, of Stockport, Greater Manchester made a personal injury claim against Warrington Koi and Aquatics after he fell into a pond they were digging in his garden.

Ben said that as he inspected the work, he was struck by the bucket of the digger and knocked into the pond. He says this caused injuries to his neck and back and left him unable to lift weights and caused an anxiety of heights.

But insurance company Aviva, acting for the pond supplier, was suspicious and investigated further. Here’s what they found on Ben Bardley’s Facebook page:

Lol. Here’s a note on that slide from the waterpark’s website:

Only the boldest park-goers dare to go on this attraction which is suspended from a 42-meter-high platform and in which the tower has 250 steps to its highest point — that is similar to the height of a 13-story building, and you can get all the way up there in a hermetic, transparent capsule.

At the time of the drop, the rider is atop a trap door that opens with the push of a button controlled by our specialized personnel located at the slide’s starting point.  From that point on, the free fall begins, along with its corresponding rush of adrenaline as you pass over the highest slide in the world.

Verti-Go allows the rider to slide down the attraction in just 3 seconds, with a gravitational acceleration that exceeds 100 km per hour in the lesser cases.  Thrills are guaranteed!

So yeah, not exactly somewhere you want to be if you’re scared of heights. Terrible look for Ben all things considered. First caught going down Europe’s tallest waterslide:

And then pumping iron in the gym as well:

Unsurprisingly his case has been dismissed as “nonsense” and he now has to pay £14,000 in legal costs. It’s truly amazing how these insurance scammers always seem to cock it up by sharing videos of themselves being able-bodied and active on social media. Do they learn nothing from each other’s mistakes?

Clearly Ben got lazy and/or didn’t realise that if you want to pull off a successful insurance scam then you need to commit to it 100%. That means if you’ve got vertigo IRL, then you’ve got vertigo on social media too. You can’t claim to be scared of heights and then shoot down Europe’s tallest waterslide looking like the Incredible Hulk. That’s a slippery slope indeed – as he just found out.

To watch a man go down a waterslide and come back out of the water like an absolute sickhead, click HERE. Let’s see you pull that one off.

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