Man Stops Mid-Police Chase To Get A Dirty Burger At An In-N-Out Drive Thru


He’s got his priorities straight.

A man in Phoenix, U.S., has been arrested following a high speed police chase earlier this week.

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The local police began following the man (reports don’t state why) which then turned into a pursuit. However, the car chase took a bizarre turn when the suspect decided to stop at an In-N-Out Burger drive-thru to get himself some dirty grub.

However, before he got a chance to pick up his meal deal, he then had to drive away before getting out of his pickup truck and running into a backyard. The suspect eventually surrendered to the police and was immediately taken into custody.

There aren’t many other details on why this guy was in trouble in the first place – all we know is that this man clearly loves his food. To risk getting arrested over a burger and chips is some serious fast food dedication. Hats off to the dude.

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